2016 Salmon Conservation Fund Opens

Salmon Conservation Fund – Request for Applications 2016

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) is now inviting applications for suitable qualifying salmon conservation projects under the Salmon Conservation Fund. The deadline for receipt of completed applications is Thursday, 31st March 2016.

Qualifying projects include: fish passage improvement; spawning enhancement; instream structures; river bank protection; fencing; riparian zone improvement; removal and control of exotic invasives; feasibility studies (which lead to future projects under the above headings to a maximum of 50% funding or €2,000 whichever is less); and screening for appropriate assessments.

Further details can be obtained on the IFI website at: http://www.fisheriesireland.ie/Salmon-Management/salmon-conservation-fund-application.html.


IFI launches stakeholder survey programme

Inland Fisheries Ireland (IFI) has today (11.02.16) launched a stakeholder survey programme to help the organisation to understand the opinions and attitudes of its stakeholders and to provide an effective service that will meet their needs and expectations into the future.

The programme is a key component of the National Strategy for Angling Development and forms part of a continuing examination of the recreational angling sector in Ireland. A series of surveys is planned to take place throughout 2016. Some of the key areas that will be examined during this programme include: IFI field operations; Irish angling participation; Irish angling expenditure patterns; Irish fisheries research; and the intrinsic benefits of angling in Ireland. The first survey, launched today, looks at IFI’s communication with stakeholders.

Stakeholders include state agencies, government departments, NGOs, anglers, tourism providers, consultants, researchers and all individuals or organisations interested in the inland fisheries sector.

Announcing the survey programme, CEO of Inland Fisheries Ireland, Dr Ciaran Byrne, said: “The programme of surveys is an important step to effect IFI’s commitment to stakeholder engagement, as outlined in its recently published National Strategy for Angling Development and its ongoing collaborative and partnership approach to inland fisheries conservation, protection and management.

“The first survey, on stakeholder communication, was developed to provide an opportunity for individuals and organisations to share their feedback. This feedback will be used to gain a better understanding of how IFI is viewed by its stakeholders and to shape and inform IFI’s communication strategy into the future.  Resources within IFI remain limited but we are looking at ways to make our communication more efficient, which will improve our working relationships with stakeholders; increase our mutual knowledge; and create an environment where we can work together more purposefully and effectively.”

IFI will notify stakeholders of the surveys via its websites, social media, press releases, email and through staff members. Responses from individuals or organisations who consider themselves to be stakeholders are welcome. Participation is on a voluntary basis and the first survey is available online at: https://www.surveymonkey.com/r/IFISurvey_Communications.

In the event that stakeholders require a non-web based means of submitting their view, this can be provided on request. All responses are confidential and will be maintained in accordance with data protection legislation. Respondents have the option to identify themselves or to remain anonymous. Results will be available within two months following the closing of the survey and will be published by IFI on its websites.

For more information, visit www.fisheriesireland.ie.

Further Information:

Suzanne Campion Head of Business Development Inland Fisheries Ireland Anglesea Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

Tel: 052 6180055 Fax: 052 6123971 Email: suzanne.campion@fisheriesireland.ie Website: www.fisheriesireland.ie


The Inland Fisheries Ireland Sponsorship Scheme 2013

The Inland Fisheries Ireland Sponsorship Scheme 2013 is now open for applications. Full details of the scheme are available on line and the closing date for receipt of applications is January 15th, 2013.

There are some changes to the scheme for 2013 with biosecurity and catch and release conditions safeguarding Ireland’s wonderful inland fisheries and sea angling resources. Prizes may be sponsored under the scheme, but must be fishing tackle or angling related in order to support those providing a service to Irelands estimated 500,000 anglers.

The scheme is open to federations, clubs, individuals, youth groups, commercial salmon sector etc who in the past have gained sponsorship for competitions, angling lessons, heritage projects , international, national and local events all of which promote some or all of the following: inland fisheries, recreational angling and conservation.

Minister Fergus O Dowd, who has been extremely active in supporting many IFI sponsored events throughout Ireland this year, welcomed the scheme commenting ” Angling, and Ireland’s wonderful fisheries are there for all to enjoy. IFI , by supporting such activity is empowering individuals and organisations to boost their local economies, teach all ages and abilities to fish, have a hobby for life, and helping protect and sustain our fisheries resource into the future.”

The scheme can be downloaded from http://www.fisheriesireland.ie/Angling-Information/sponsorship-programme.html and is subject to budget.

Media enquiries: Suzanne Campion,
Head of Business Development, Inland Fisheries Ireland,
Anglesea Street, Clonmel, Co. Tipperary.

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